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Noptel Oy
Teknologiantie 2
FI-90590 Oulu, Finland
Tel. +358 40 181 4351
Fax. +358 8 556 4101

Sport Shooting Training System from Noptel

Sport shooting Noptel Shooting Training products have been widely used all over the world since 1984. Top class shooters and other active sport shooters have chosen Noptel Training Systems to improve the quality of their training. Noptel Training Systems provides easy understanding of shooting performance using objective high precision analysis. Immediate feedback and analyses of shooter.s performance allows efficient correction of faults in technique.

People often speak of a laser system or laser shooting device but they actually mean an electronic analysis system. In spite of this misconception we do not use laser technology nor laser beams with the Noptel Sport II. Instead, we use a LED light which is eye-safe and allows the use of simple and conventional targets at several distances, unlike other solutions which require electricity and cabling in the target. The LED technology simply provides the best and largest variety of practising marksmanship disciplines so far available.


Paralympics Gold Medaillist Minna Leinonen trains with Noptel Sport II

Paralympia-Kultamitalisti Minna Leinonen harjoittelee Noptel Sport II ammunnanharjoittelulaitteella

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