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Range Trainer

Noptel Sport II set The RangeTrainer is an efficient tool for advanced sport and marksmanship training. The RangeTrainer works with conventional targets, which can be down scaled for basic training in classrooms. RangeTrainer has a wide scale of operating distance from 10 meters up to 300 meters. A special Sniper version can be used up to 600 meters. No electricity is required at the targets.

Training sessions can be arranged indoors, but also out of doors with multiple trainees using real targets and target distances. At longer ranges prism groups (one or several) are attached to the target.

NOS Sport Learn more (Brochure) ...

NOS Application is a simple, user-friendly and versatile system for the training of shooting skills. The simple graphical and numerical analysis provides easily accessible, objective feedback on shots and shooting skills.


The system can be used with most of the Noptel Shooter Training devices (including Noptel Sport II). The application runs on a standard Windows PC.

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