Displacement Measurement Devices

Displacement Measurement Devices

Noptel displacement measurement technology allows measurement of tiny deviations from the reference line in both X and Y directions and it permits long operating distance up to several hundred meters. Devices employing this technology are robust and suitable for outdoor use thanks to excellent environmental durability of the selected components.

The technology is provided depending on application either with laser transmitter and active optoelectronic receiver or with optoelectronic transceiver and reflector attached onto the measurement target.


  • Operating distances up to several hundred meters
  • Resolution down to 0.01% of the measuring range
  • Measurement rate up to several thousand readings per second on one / two axles
  • Suitable for outdoor use in harsh environments
  • For OEM system integrators and end users
  • One / two dimensional measurement
  • Alignment measurement
  • Reflective measurement
  • Direct measurement
  • Eye safe

Typical applications:

  • Dynamic behaviour of large structures
    • deflection of bridges
    • swaying of masts, chimneys and towers
  • Railway track maintenance
  • Displacement of structures
  • Pile driving monitoring
  • Alignment of rails
  • Bending of bars