Displacement Measurement Devices

Optical measurement for dynamic behavior of large structures

Potential application for optical position measurement technology of Noptel is the dynamics measurement of the large constructions such as bridges, towers, chimneys, masts and buildings.

The technology is applicable for outdoor use thanks to the fact that it is designed to eliminate the interference of the background radiation in outdoor applications.


The transmitter forms a reference line from the transmitter to the target and the receiver monitors continuously the position changes of the optical beam. When the structure moves, the target moves respectively and the receiver’s optical detector detects the movement. The movements in both x and y coordinates are then calculated and processed and the measurement data is supplied to a PC computer.


The measuring principle and technique has proved to be useful for measuring the movement of large objects. The results obtained show that the system provides valuable information for evaluation of the design criteria for large constructions under changing loading conditions.

However, since some environmental factors such as substantial temperature gradients in the air and powerful air currents may affect slightly to the measurement results the outdoor measurements are recommended to be performed under moderate conditions in order to achieve the best possible results.

  • For outdoor use in harsh environments
  • Continuous high speed measurement
  • Distances up to 350 meters
  • Eye safe