Displacement Measurement Devices

PSM-200 Displacement Measurement Device

PSM-200 displacement measurement device is dedicated especially for alignment of rails and other metal structures. Furthermore, it is widely applied for measurement of displacement and sway of large constructions.

The device comprises laser transmitter and optoelectronic receiver, which is connected to the measurement target.

Receiver features:

The receiver is a splash proof unit, which is fixed with a screw on its base. The brim of the receiver protects against rain falling directly onto the optical surface as well as against direct sunlight and knocks. The receiver withstands mechanical vibration of the measurement target as well as environmental dust and moisture.

The operator directs the eye safe and visible laser beam onto the receiver and locks it in a steady position. The receiver recognizes the beam on its optical screen and measures beam’s position accurately up to 500 times per second.

Download: PSM-200 Technical Specifications

When a fixed transmitter is in use the receiver measures both X and Y coordinates simultaneously. Whereas a sweep transmitter is utilized the receiver measures the position of the beam in the cross direction when it passes the central axis of the receiver. Three signal lights on the front panel of the receiver show the location of the beam on the optical screen.

Transmitter features:

The accumulator powered transmitter is a separate unit functioning on a 12 volt DC supply. It transmits modulated laser beam either in a fixed direction or as a sweep beam in a plane depending on the transmitter type and operation mode. The transmitter is set at a distance of up to 350 meters from the receiver depending on the environmental conditions.