Speed violation control

Similar installations are applicable for measuring the speed of both approaching and receding vehicles (from 10 up to 250km/h). The final speed information is available 20–30 milliseconds after the vehicle has passed the measurement point.

Speeding trigger information for the camera is arranged in two phases: first a rough speed value for the trigger is available in a few milliseconds followed by final speed value after data processing in 20–30 milliseconds. This procedure guarantees reliable speed measurement results even in the case high speed vehicles are driving close to each other.


  • Approaching and receding vehicles
  • Quick speed measurement for trigger
  • Final speed calculation for law enforcement
  • Secondary speed verification for camera image
  • Simultaneous vehicle size calculation
  • Simultaneous tailgating information
  • Adaptive for variable vehicle sizes
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Eye safe


The compact and small size Noptel laser sensor can be placed into the camera housing together with the camera pointing to the same direction. However, thanks to the delayed camera triggering feature the Noptel laser sensor can be pointed further on the road than the camera.

Therefore, the operating distance of the camera doesn’t restrict the operating distance of the Noptel laser sensor and the triggering window of the laser sensor for speed measurement can be defined to the desired distance (typically to 30 – 40 m). Furthermore, secondary speed verification is available for the camera image.