Laser sensors for traffic control

CMP52 Laser Sensor

CMP51 52 speed measuringNew generation single beam laser sensor CMP52 is applicable for wide variety of tasks in traffic control and law enforcement. This eye safe sensor is applied within fixed installations and mobile systems for measuring both approaching and receding vehicles. The sensor is compact and lightweight, has high IP rating 67 and features low power consumption.

Sensors installed above the road affixed e.g. to gantry, bridge or overpass work sensor per lane principle. On the other hand, sensors installed top of a pole or a tripod at the side of the road can control alternatively single lane or multiple lanes.

General Features:

  • Eye safety: Laser Class 1
  • Wavelength: 905 nm
  • Power consumption: 2.4 W
  • Supply voltage: 10 – 30 V
  • Precision, single shot: 5 – 20 mm
  • Dimensions (mm): W 78, H 36, L 79
  • Temperature range: -20 – +50 °C
  • Protection: Nitrogen filled (IP67)
  • Interface: RS-232, RS-422, Ethernet (LAN or WLAN), Digital I/O and analogue output
  • Internal laser pointer: 5 mW, laser class 3R
  • Secondary speed verification available for camera equipment

CMP52 Features:

  • Beam divergence: 16 mrad
  • Measurement rate: up to 5 kHz
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Measurement range:
    1 – 50 m (natural surface 28 % reflectivity)
    1 – 75 m (optional extended range, ER)
    1 – 380 m (reflective target)

Download: CMP52 Technical Specifications