Shooting training devices

Shooting training devices

Noptel Sport II shooting training device usageNoptel provides the latest technology based on years of experience with professional and sport shooters. Noptel training devices are utilized in class room, indoor and out-door shooting range as well as in the field. The devices provide an easy understanding of shooting performance applying an objective high precision analysis. The operation doesn’t require any special expertise and immediate feedback and analysis of shooter’s performance allow efficient correction of faults in technique.

FN Expert is a multi-operable and robust device manufactured and supported by Noptel. It is applied for shooting training up to 75 meters utilizing a single prism only and with extra reflectors it can be applied up to 150 meters. FN Expert is rugged and small size and it is utilized stand-alone or with wireless Bluetooth and USB connections.

Marketing and sales of FN Expert device is realized by FN Herstal and FN America.

Sport II is a compact and user friendly device for serious shooting training, which is applied for training of rifle shooting disciplines. Since Sport II is a tiny device, you can take it with you anywhere.

By training at home, you can save time and money and develop your shooting skills effectively at the same time.

Fun & Easy – We have gathered all our experience into a superior package, which enables efficient and easy sport shooting training.