Shooting training devices

Noptel Sport II

Noptel Sport II is a modern shooter training device, which is attached under the barrel of a rifle. All movements of the barrel are measured applying invisible and eye safe light beam.

Sport II works with conventional shooting targets. There is only a small reflector attached onto the target and no electric current or wiring is required at the target. Therefore, you have a completely free choice for placement of the target.


  • Objective shooting skill analysis
  • Compact, light weight and easy to use
  • Simulation of various shooting disciplines
  • Real shooting distance from 3 to 10 m
  • Fits all sport rifles
  • USB connection

Noptel Sport II package includes optical unit, cables, tools, NOS Sport application software, user’s guide and indoor targets for rifle shooting.

NOS Sport Application Software is user friendly and illustrative. You are free to concentrate entirely on the shooting training. The application software shows the gun orientation path on the screen in real time and stores the shots into the database for closer analysis and review.

The NOS Sport application software runs on a Windows PC.

Sport II 50 is a reinforced device for longer distance shooting training (50m) and for small caliber firing (.22) e.g. for biathlon.