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Software related

NOS4 - Deleting old shot files

FAQ of Training Systems: 357

Subject: NOS4 – Deleting old shot files

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: IBM

Operating System: WINDOWS XP




Congratulations! You have used the system a lot. You should delete old shot files in the operating system as an administrator. Do not try open NOS4 application for it.

NOS Sport - Signal problem

FAQ of Training Systems: 296

Subject: NOS Sport – Signal problem

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Intel PIII

Operating System: WINDOWS 2000


I have just bought and installed Sport II device. Everything has gone fine except that the dialog box shows “No signal” and therefore I cannot fire practice shots. Please guide.


First, when you start the NOS Sport application the first phase is the zeroing.

When you are not aiming you’ll see a red “LED” and “No signal” at the upper right on the target view. When you aim at the target (with a reflector attached) the LED should turn to green and “OK”. If this does not happen please check that you have correct target at correct distance.

When the signal level is correct trigger one shot and application will give you feedback of what to do next.

Live Fire and Cant Indication

FAQ of Training Systems: 374

Subject: Live Fire and Cant Indication

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Gateway laptop

Operating System: WINDOWS XP


If I want to use my own target and live fire, do I purchase reflectors? If so, what part number do I purchase for air rifle? I am told these additional reflectors will provide cant indication? Is that true, I haven’t noticed that in the software anywhere.


Yes. You can by additional reflective stickers for own targets, but there is no specific part number for it available. Please contact our sales.

There’s no cant indication provided with our reflectors.

Hardware related

"Drift" on live fire

FAQ of Training Systems: 419

Subject: “Drift” on live fire

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Laptop

Operating System: WINDOWS XP


My noptel unit works fine for air and dry fire. Often (but not always) it jumps high when doing .22 live fire – perhaps 4-5 rings on a 50m ISSF target. Sometimes is nudges up the whole night, other times it does not.

It does NOT APPEAR to be the external fixing to the barrel – which is solid.

What else could be wrong? The unit is perhaps 5-6 years old.


This is a know issue, which occurs on live fire only. The clamp can be changed to a stronger one.

It would be a good idea to send the unit to Noptel for clamp replacement. Please contact our service. We’ll charge working hours and spare parts.

Problem with optical sensor

FAQ of Training Systems: 381

Subject: Problem with optical sensor

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Compaq Presario

Operating System: WINDOWS XP


I began having a problem with my Noptel. Received the following message “Couldn’t find any optical units. Shooting not possible.” I tried the solutions suggested in the FAQ, nothing worked. I then reinstalled the drivers and installed software on three different computers; still didn’t work.

A few times it has found the optical unit, but was still unable to shoot or zero the unit.

Any suggestions? Can I send the unit back for repair?


Please check the the connectors of the USB-box (marked: UNIT) and the optical unit itself. Look for any twisted on bend pins.

If this doesn’t help you can send the device to be checked and repaired, if needed.

Sport II - Horizontal adjustment

FAQ of Training Systems: 146

Subject: Sport II – Horizontal adjustment

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Dell

Operating System: WINDOWS 2000


Each time I install the optical unit on a different rifle the unit aims to the right of center.

What is the proper procedure for adjusting the optical unit back to center?


Horizontal adjustment is fixed in the factory. However, it can be readjusted later.

First, please check if you delivery package includes a sticker or additional information about mechanical horizontal zeroing.

In general:
– new units are adjusted from holes on the side by using a small hex wrench
– legacy units are adjusted by loosing slightly the hex screw of the adjustment clamp


Target Distance with Sport II

FAQ of Training Systems: 372

Subject: Target Distance with Sport II

Device: SPORT II

Computer Type: Gateway Laptop

Operating System: WINDOWS XP


I understand that the program automatically sets the distance no matter what physical distance you are from the target, but don’t I need to be exactly 5m from the target if using the 5m target?

What about aperture sizes for the rifle? Am I supposed to change them?


Yes. If a “5m” target is used then you’ll have to stand 5 meters away from the target.

You don’t need to change the aperture size.

Application doesn't find the optical unit at start-up

FAQ of Training Systems: 39

Subject: Application doesn’t find the optical unit at start-up


I see a message: “No optical units found. Shooting is not possible.” What should I do?


At start-up, the program goes through all ports looking for optical units. You get this message if no optical units are found.

If the optical unit is connected, but cannot be found, it might be a device driver issue – the driver is missing or not correct for the USB-box or operating system. Check user support download page for an updated driver.


Aiming point is not visible

FAQ of Training Systems: 9

Subject: Aiming point is not visible


I can´t see the aiming point on the shooter´s display.


Shooter might be aiming outside the hit rings. Try increasing the number of rings on the shooter´s display or zoom out for a wider view.

Optical unit could be adjusted outside the target when last zeroing was done. Try to reset zeroing first and do zeroing again.